My Girlfriend's N1000 did the first magic.

Like abraca dabra, when i entered the shop, i selected just 6 matches with stupid o.dd.s. I mean the ones with less than 1.2

I did a magic with them and when placed, with bonuses, i was to receive 15k. Yes, the strategy was brought for me while i was dreaming.

Do not get me wrong o!


I didn't say the es were brought to me in my dreams. I said the strategy itself was brought to me.

I needed to verify it the following morning but had no single kobo on me. That made me call my girlfriend, lied to her that i wanted to go and submit my CV somewhere and i have no money to convey me there.

She sent N1000.

It's this money i took to the shop and used to settle my slip. Trust me, by the end of the day after the last, i couldn't believe i just became 15k richer.


The following day,

I collected just 5k from the shop and use 10k again on the strategy, i did two slips of 5k each and one was to return 53k and the other to return 47k. Chai, i narrowly missed the one of 53k but that of 47k was excellent. Wow!

Just like that...


I resolved to using 10k daily on a single slip and targeting between 50k - 100k on daily basis. I get brain o!


I can't afford to squander all i have.


So, for the next 30days after,

I was able to crate 18 slips (some days, there wouldn't be enough signal to go create games on, so i just relax on such days)



I kept to 10k daily.

In the 18 slips, i was able to win 10 times and cut off 8 times. To be on a a safe side, i was targeting 40k - 70k on my slips.

Profit and loss after the 30days left me with a bit over 400k in 30days.


Ever since then...

It's been no looking back. Monthly, i am now assured of my salary from my darling ... My slips must give me profit each month.


I now use a secret website too.

To fine-tune my strategy and to be able to feed it with the best for great results, i researched and was able to discover some secret websites to get the feeds for my strategy. After using 7 different secret websites for about 3 months, i gradually dropped off 6 and am left with the single one that has been consistent enough than others.

It's what i now use as feed. Where i select the ma.t.ches to be fed into my strategy before creating my slips.

With this, i complete novice can be rest assured of being successful with my strategy.


My strategy...

 Relax, i promised i will tell you about it and you can also be about to start using it. A 10 years old can use it once i explain it to him. It's dam simple.



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